DB maintenance

At the moment the library does not have any DB migrations code. You are responsible for taking care of your DB schema if your model changes.

The library will delete any expired or otherwise invalid session on the first encounter - when receiving the session cookie. However, a session could expire without the server encountering it again and it’s a common situation with bots as they don’t care about cookies at all. To deal with this problem the library has DB maintenance procedure that will remove expired sessions from the DB. It’s provided in the form of pyramid_session_gc commandline script. You can run it as the following:

pyramid_session_gc <config_uri>

The script will load config provided by config_uri argument and use it’s settings to access the DB.

You can run it as often as you want using a scheduler of your choice.


Special care must be taken when switching global settings on and off without removing existing session rows - it’s developer’s duty to process the data so that the library code is not confused. It’s recommended to delete existing sessions if possible, when changing global settings, unless you really know what you are doing.